Ring Tones Pack 1


FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! Not for distribution or re-use for any purpose other than cel phone functions.


1. Burt “One for you, *BLAM, One for you, *Blam, Oh, I hate to regift this but – *BLAM”

2. Burt “Come this way, I get ya, go that way they get ya…”

3. Burt (After Claymore) “I love that sound!”

4. Datu “Take these chains off let me out”

5. Datu “Michael!”

6. We’re Alive Music Intro

7. Saul “Lizzy could just stay in my room. There’s a much less deadly beast in there.”

8. Scratch Scene “Anyone up there?”

9. Michael “Shoot that bitch in the face”

10. Zombie Call and response

You MUST download this item onto your computer and then transfer to your phone!


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