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We are Wayland Productions, an audio production company based in Orange, CA. We are best known for our work on the audio drama We’re Alive: A Story of Survival, the award-winning podcast about a group of survivors in the apocalypse. We have developed a brand focused on masterful production and gripping storytelling in the audio medium. Our goal is to spread the love for audio stories far and wide!

With the support of our passionate community, we are committed to providing you with the very best audio theater experiences available. Our audio dramas are deeply engaging stories, with the highest production value and attention to detail. You’ll want to listen again and again!

Our nonfiction podcasts include thrilling true-crime collaborations with iHeart Media and AYR and niche comedy talk shows hosted by our editors. No matter the format, we’re dedicated to quality podcast entertainment.

Wayland Productions was founded by Kc Wayland in 1994. As an undergrad studying film production at Chapman University, Kc debuted 365 Boots on the Ground, a feature documentary filmed during his time spent overseas as an engineer in the US Army. After forays into short films and animation, Kc made history with We’re Alive, one of the first major American audio dramas of its kind. Recorded and produced on a non-existent budget, We’re Alive amassed hundreds of millions of downloads and a large dedicated fanbase. The podcast eventually expanded into four seasons, spin-off shows Lockdown and Goldrush, an actual-play tabletop show by Geek and Sundry called We’re Alive: Frontier, and a sequel, We’re Alive: Descendants.

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Kc Wayland

Founder | CEO

Shanti Ryle


Jon Benditz


Holly Megan Scott

Operations Manager

Victoria Cheng

Audio Production Manager | Editor

Jino Jang

Editor | Social Media Manager

Tim Mulhern


Michael Keane

Sound Designer | Editor

Elisa Eliot

Creative Producer

Nikki Spina

Editor | Production Coordinator

Isabella Miller


Joey Jordan


Michael Dean Wilkins


Jayna Nishioka