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Motel Evil

Motel Evil

Audio Drama · 6 episodes
Written and directed by Kc Wayland · Produced by Wayland Productions and Audible
Starring Elyse Mirto, Scott Broderick, Koko Marshall, Vikrant Sahdev, Lauryn Ford, and Hayes Dunlap

Edited by Victoria Cheng and Michael Keane

In the remote reaches of Alaska where the sun doesn’t rise 65 days of the year, two unsolved murders occurred exactly 10 years apart in the same motel room. On the next anniversary a true crime enthusiast, Henry, suffers the same fate. Now the guests, all with their own secrets to hide, must remain in the motel until Detective Read gets answers….who is the Rockyville Motel murderer?

Motel Evil is written and created by Kc Wayland, creator of the award winning We’re Alive series which has had huge success across the world.

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