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We're Alive: A Story of Survival

Crimson Hearts Collide

Audio Drama · 8 Episodes
Written by Aurora Ferlin, Octavia Bray, and Jahna Ferron-Smith ·  Directed by Aurora Ferlin
Produced by Hallmark and Mahogany Media, AYR Media, and Wayland Productions.
Starring Malinda Williams, Keith D. Robinson, Tarina Pouncy, and Amanda Seales

Producer: Kc Wayland
Associate Producer: Victoria Cheng
Editing and Sound Design by Joey Jordan, Charlie Magdaleno, Isabella Miller, and Michael Dean Wilkins
Assistant editing by Tim Mulhern

Sonora Williams, a top New York City lawyer, finds her world turned upside down when an uncle she never knew wills her a floundering farm she doesn’t want. Trapped in Alabama surrounded by new family and friends in need, she will fight for whats right (and maybe get to know that handsome cowboy Zeke Summers along the way).

Crimson Hearts Collide is a romantic drama in the tradition of Hallmark storytelling, brought to life with a fresh perspective by Mahogany and AYR media. Co-produced and edited by the team at Wayland Productions.

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