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Lord of the flies, meets Zombies…. Stranded on Catalina Island after the outbreak, a small group of Adventure Scouts confront the “infected", testing their mettle and the strength of their friendships in We’re Alive: Scout's Honor. This immersive audio drama is a heart-pounding blend of horror and adventure as these preteens, armed with only determination and their Scout Rules, navigate the rugged island, discovering the essence of courage and sacrifice in the face of an apocalypse. Bonds are tested, innocence is lost, and the scout motto “Stay Alert, Stay Alive” takes on a whole new, dark significance in this stand-alone new audio drama from the creators of We’re Alive.

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We are Wayland Productions, a podcast production company based in Orange, CA. Specializing in audio dramas using breakthrough techniques and technologies for over 20 years, we’ve developed a brand focused on masterful production and gripping, edge-of-your-seat storytelling in the audio medium. Our goal is to spread the love for audio stories far and wide!

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Slayers: A Buffyverse Story
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A decade has passed since the epic final battle that concluded Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Rebellious vampire Spike is working undercover in Los Angeles with his old pal Clem when he meets feisty, rookie Slayer, Indira, who wants Spike to be her mentor. Stakes intensify as Cordelia Chase emerges from an alternate reality where she alone is the Slayer, and Buffy Summers doesn’t exist. Cordelia enlists Spike’s help with a classic big bad terrorizing her world…his ex, Drusilla. Giles, Anya, Jonathan, and Tara also return, but through the years and the vastness of the multiverse, not everyone is who they used to be…

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18 years after the original STORY OF SURVIVAL, a new generation is forced to grow up in the post-apocalypse. The Infected have evolved into new deadly varieties, and humanity’s efforts to reclaim our lost civilization have put us in conflict with our greatest enemy: Ourselves. Now the countdown begins as the children of the survivors work to make sense of this deadly new world before it consumes them and everything they know and love.





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