We’re Alive

Our flagship show that began with A Story of Survival. After producing 4 seasons, we went on to release 2 spin-off series, Lockdown and Goldrush. Currently we are actively releasing and producing the sequel: We’re Alive: Descendants.

An outbreak of Zombie-like “Infected” changes the world forever, and the survivors are left to fend for themselves. They band together, fortify a safe haven known as the Tower, and discover that the Infected are far from the biggest threat in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where the rules of human decency no longer apply.

Little food. Little water. Little hope. Who is lucky enough to say: “We’re Alive?”

The podcast eventually expanded into four seasons, spin-off shows Lockdown and Goldrush, an actual-play tabletop show by Geek and Sundry called We’re Alive: Frontier, and a sequel, We’re Alive: Descendants.

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Audio Dramas

Apart from We’re Alive, we also have produced many audio drama series both in-house and in partnership with Audible, Global, Cavalry Audio, and more!

BRONZEVILLE chronicles the lives of players in the lottery games while illuminating the self-sustainability of the community’s African American residents.

Produced in conjunction with Cinema Gypsy Productions, Tatemen Entertainment, and AudioHQ.

Directed by Laurence Fishburne, Larenz Tate, and Kc Wayland

Edited by:

  • Season 1: Grayson Stone and Michael Keane
  • Season 2: Victoria Cheng, Charlie Magdaleno, and Jino Jang

Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

In the remote reaches of Alaska where the sun doesn’t rise 65 days of the year, two unsolved murders occurred exactly 10 years apart in the same motel room. On the next anniversary a true crime enthusiast, Henry, suffers the same fate. Now the guests, all with their own secrets to hide, must remain in the motel until Detective Read gets answers….who is the Rockyville Motel murderer?

An Audible Original Written and Directed by Kc Wayland

Writing Assistant: Michael Keane

Edited by Michael Keane and Victoria Cheng

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Melanie Hoskins, an experienced firefighter-paramedic, has been recruited by a very selective and secret organization known as The Division. Based in New York City, Hoskins is forced to leave her civilian life and those she loves behind, and join the front line to try to control the ‘dollar flu’ virus that has been spreading throughout the city.

Not everyone agrees with how this outbreak should be dealt with, and those who used to keep the city streets free of waste have taken matters into their own hands and formed ‘The Cleaners’. The mission is clear, until Hoskins discovers that one of The Cleaners’ newest recruits is someone she can’t bring herself to view as the enemy.

Based on the hit Ubisoft game Tom Clancy’s The Division and starring Katee Sackoff and Shannon Woodward.

An Audible Original Written and Directed by Kc Wayland

Edited by Victoria Cheng and Jino Jang

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VERDICT is a new scripted crime podcast from Audio Flix that centers on a federal investigator, Abigail Kaplan, who must unravel the mystery behind the murder of a star high school athlete in small town Texas. When the victim’s best friend confesses to the brutal crime that could land him on death row, Abigail must navigate small-town politics, the local police and the awesome power of the local Mega Church in order to uncover the shocking truth.

Created and written by Sam Scott
Directed by Kc Wayland

Produced by Branden Morgan and Kc Wayland

Edited by Joey Jordan and Michael Dean Wilkins

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Welcome to our the start of something new, an exploration into the craft that is aural storytelling. Each episode we will explore something new and exciting, including the IA Theater, which is an improvisational audio drama.
Productions include creations from Kc Wayland’s audio drama production courses at Chapman University (Triage, The Listeners, Tumbleweed Station), USC (Evil LTD), and more!
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Welcome to ImprovFX! Our team of improvisors and special guests create a totally original scene from your suggestion. Then, our sound designers build an audio world around the story, dropping the characters inside a Theater for the Mind. Nothing is written ahead of time. Everything is made up on the spot – it’s Comedic Improvised Audio Theater. Ready to begin? Then let’s play.

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Documentary series spanning from true crime to basketball, all artfully enhanced with music and sound effects by our team.

WESTWARD chronicles the history of basketball in the NBA and how the city of Los Angeles not only saved the fledgling league by bringing the Lakers from Minneapolis, but gave birth to the modern NBA with “Showtime.” Told through the lens of Jerry West, who helped build the dynasty of the Lakers, “Westward” now follows the former Hall Of Famer as he attempts to build a dynasty with L.A.’s other NBA franchise, the Clippers.

Westward is a production of iHeartRadio, Dan Patrick’s Productions, and Joy Road Entertainment, in association with Sugar23 and Workhouse Media.

Edited by Charlie Magdaleno

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A true crime podcast that examines the Green River Killer and the police’s twenty year investigation into his murderers. The program is hosted by Carolyn Ossorio who grew up near Gary Ridgway’s hunting grounds and gained a lifelong fascination with true crime.

Edited by Joey Jordan and Michael Dean Wilkins

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An investigative, true crime podcast that delves into the slaughter of eight members of the Rhoden family in rural, Appalachian Ohio in 2016. It was a night that shocked the country with its brutality—and its mystery. Who would commit such horrible crimes? And why? Ohio native David Raterman, a longtime journalist and former author for National Geographic, spent 18 months researching this, interviewing Rhoden survivors and friends as well as hundreds of others in the small community. He even spoke with prosecutors and police officers who were officially gagged by the judge, visited the crime scenes countless times, and pored through records at courthouses throughout the region.

Presented by Cavalry Audio and iHeartPodcasts

Edited by Tim Mulhern

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Danielle Miller lived a privileged ‘Gossip Girl’ lifestyle growing up in Manhattan and attending a fancy private school. Her mom was a Rockette; her dad was president of the New York Bar Association. But a cruel twist of fate and vengeance drastically and irrevocably altered her childhood, leading her to a life of scamming. Starting with her “Rod Stewart” con at the age of 16… she’s now got a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt and is awaiting federal trial for trying to scam nearly a million dollars from Uncle Sam. With now hundreds of victims, will Danielle ever pay the piper?

Edited by Tim Mulhern

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Commentary shows hosted by our team and fans, reflecting on beloved media franchises and even our own audio drama series!

We all read that one weird book series when we were kids, right? No? Just me?

Join Victoria Cheng, Michael Keane, and Jino Jang as we revisit the books, TV shows, and movies that shaped our childhood, and see if they still hold up in our 20s.

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An audio commentary/listen along in which We’re Alive creator Kc Wayland, a special guest from the cast or crew, and our editing/production team sit down and listen to full chapters of We’re Alive, one by one. Get lots of behind the scenes info with this special director’s commentary.

WA Archive has been running for over a year on our Patreon channel, so if you want to catch up on even more episodes, head over to the Wayland Productions’ Patreon.

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Kc and Blaire Wayland review the movie they just saw on their drive home. Some good, some bad, what works, what doesn’t, and totally unplanned. WARNING: Contains Spoilers!!

Disclaimer: The films reviewed and opinions expressed in this podcast are for the sole purpose of academic deconstruction based on a first viewing of the film. These reviews are in no way meant to reflect negatively on the creators or participants in the movies. We often work with people who make these films, and mean no disrespect, only (for the most part) constructive criticism.

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We’re Not Dead! The Podcast about We’re Alive.

This podcast will include: Actor/Crew interviews, In depth plot/character analyzation, Theory discussions, Listener call-ins, Community contests and more! If you like Zombies and We’re Alive, check this out!

In memory of NikVoodoo

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