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Bombs Always Beep: Creating Modern Audio Theater is an exploration of the entire production process of constructing modern audio narratives. Podcasts have facilitated a renaissance of independent audio-only series, and they are expanding at a rapid rate. Currently, there are no other books available that explain in detail the inner workings of creating audio narratives by way of the new podcast distribution system. Most literature focuses on the dated production and writing methods from the Golden Age of Radio or the BBC radio distribution models. However, entire companies are now being built upon contemporary storytelling production techniques, funded by crowdsourcing and advertising. This book covers the process from beginning to end: How to create compelling modern audio theater and distribute it online.

2nd Edition now available!

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Over 20,000 new words added (roughly 50 pages) covering the new and expanded topics of:


  • 1.2a Pacing and Tension
  • 1.2b The Outline
  • 1.4a Character and Story Wrappers
  • 1.4b Natural Character Evolution

Storytelling Through Audio:

  • 2.1a Audio Aesthetics and The Sound Palette
  • 2.3a Creating a Scene for Audio
  • 2.3b Audio Scene Transitions


  • 5.4a – Casting Audio as the Actor or Director
  • 5.4b – Keys to Success Working with Hollywood Talent
  • 5.9a SAG/AFTRA Rates

The Tech Side of Recording

  • 9.2a Hierarchy of Sound Recording

Post Production

  • 10.2a Post Software
  • 10.3a Noise Reduction
  • 10.3b Advanced Audio Editing Samples
  • 10.6a Performance Selection and the Editor
  • 10.6b The Pacing Cut
  • 10.8a Foley vs SFX
  • 10.9.4a Audience Digestion, Limitations, Lufs, and Levels
  • 10.9.4b Dissonant Sound
  • 10.9.4c Mixing to the Voice
  • 10.10.1a Sampled Foley

2nd Edition Print Version now available:

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